Letters sent to Moisha in Migdal.

The handwriting of my great-grandparents is priceless treasure, reflection of past, vivid voice of events I was not an observer. Those letters were found by Leon in The Central Zionist archives in Jerusalem. I remember brightly that summer day in July 2002 when we enter the Archives, and Moisha's file was given to me. I couldn't hold my tears reading those letters, holding the real yellowish papers survived through the time, distance... "Each moment has two moments". Indeed it is true. Could I think in 1981 that the box with old pictures had led me to the past?

My great-grandfather Solomon's letter sent to his brother Moisha  from Moscow to Migdal in November 1934.


My great-grandmother Dasha's letter concerning the surprise-party of their 45th wedding anniversary in 1934.


Rakhil Glikin-Gartel's (Moisha's sister) letter

An envelope from Moscow, the 23rd of November 1934. There is Moisha's note: "wrote to Solomon and Nuisia (Dasha) 7/V/49.

The 2nd of April 1902, the beginning of Moisha's letter addressed to his parents, Solomon and Sara Thia